About Our Products


We are always adding products to our store. We will be adding about 50 new products to our store every week, so remember to come back every week to see what's new.


Many of the products we will be adding are very hard to find. You'll want to come back as often as possible in order to fill in some of the hard to find merchandise missing from your collection...before they're sold.


Many of our products are from the owner's personal collection. Out of those, the owner has taken the time to personally hand pick and scrutinize each comic book, toy, action figure and any other merchandise purchases, in order to ensure the top quality condition of those products.

The owner has been personally grading comic books for over 25 years. Many of the professionally graded comic books were submitted from the owner's personal collection. The owner has a stellar rating of submitting 9 out of 10 books from his personal collection and achieving grades of 9.8 or above.

Most of the non-graded comic books in our store are given a condition rating. The ratings given for non-graded comic books are fairly accurate and probably in better condition than listed. We give these condition ratings more as a rule of thumb so as to not go over the condition rating that the actual comic book is in. Unfortunately, we do not guarantee condition rating in any form or fashion, but hopefully, the history from our eBay sales, website sales, Facebook site and blogs will help you gain our trust here and give you confidence that you will be receiving products in top quality condition.


We do our best to try and scan or take pictures of every product we sell in our store. Many times its easier to download an existing product picture from the internet. We just want you to be aware that the picture may not be an actual scan or pic of the product we have in stock. But please know that the product listed is what you are actually buying. Thank you.